How video production pricing works in Dubai & Abu Dhabi?

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Winning videos delivers more value and clarity to your brand, but how much will it cost? and how to make sense of video production pricing?

As far as cost goes there are no limits! It very much depends on what you want to achieve “the brief”, the creative approach and the content of the video production, will it involve acting? voice over, Visual Effects? Motion graphics

Moreover, another factor to consider is the location for your video production, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are expensive cities for video production permissions.

Lejion Media made an engaging and high impact video content for over a decade in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE with brands big and small.

So pricing can vary wildly… some of the larger scale video production projects may involve many shoots across different emirates or countries, extensive research, and planning that can significantly cost more than you can imagine.

High-quality video content is an investment in a long-term resource that will cumulatively add value representing your brand. This sort of content generates more and more ROI as time goes by.

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